the mere brute pleasure of reading..


A difficult day today as my sons started school and one of them to a new school so did a bit of scrapbooking of photos from the summer holidays and this quick sketch of a cow.  I find art and crafts very therapeutic and love reading so the quote above the cow sketch seemed appropriate today.  “The mere brute pleasure of reading..the sort of pleasure a cow must have from grazing” by Lord Chesterfield. I am reading a fascinating biography about Gertrude Bell called Daughter of the Desert at the moment.  Love to hear what you are reading or your favourite book.

Happy WOYWW and also for Art Journal Journey too


14 thoughts on “the mere brute pleasure of reading..

  1. I love the cow, and the sentiment is so true, I’m sure you managed to instil the love of reading in your boys..
    Thanks for visiting me earlier.
    Chris #10

  2. That little sketch looks like a book illustration – lovely! It is a bit of a wrench when they head off, isn’t it? But soon I bet you look forward to seeing them of – for their sakes as much as your crafty time’s sake! And there is nothing better than passing on the love of reading. 🙂
    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (8)

  3. What a wonderful cow. So benign and lovable. Reading a mystery at the moment by Jussi Adler-Olsen “The Keeper of Faith”. Love the Scandinavian mysteries. xox

  4. That cow is great. I haven’t got any reading on the go right now – I really am a butterfly when it comes to hobbies, and overdose on one or two things at a time, before going back to others. Just now, it’s sock knitting and mini album making. Have a great weekend, Chris # 29

  5. Wonderful sketch and great quote ~ how fitting!
    And yeah, I consider all forms of Creative Expression to be Medicine. 🙂
    As for what I’m reading ~ I have a stack of nonfiction which make up much of my morning reading (books by herbalists, mostly!) but my evening fiction at the moment is RUNNING by Patrice Fitzgerald. It’s quite engaging!

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