Radiance of Moon


I love hedgehogs and their snuffling in the leaves and grass..we once saw a few using my sons night vision goggles.  I love this verse from an excellent book I am reading called the Anam Cara. On a bike ride yesterday I was very pleased as managed to find some more rosehips and some elderberries in a nearby field so will be making more juice soon.  I have also been baking little chocolate fairy cakes for my sons to eat after school..they dont last long!

Happy WOYWW and Art Journal Journey


I am taking part in the Travelling Art Project so this canvas arrived this week and I added lots of mad looking lines to link the bird with the background..I will soon post this to Piarom in Germany for her to add to it too before it finally gets sent back to New Zealand

Happy Paint Party Friday



21 thoughts on “Radiance of Moon

  1. What a lovely hedgehog and I enjoy all your beautiful photos as well ! Thank you for sharing and thank you for another wonderful entry for the “LIVING BEINGS” theme at Art Journal Journey!

  2. Sweet hedgehog. We don’t see them much around here, but we have a big old bullfrog that is vexing the dogs. Nice baking, I am sur the boys love it. xox Corrine

  3. Very interesting blog! It feels so much like autumn, like one of these House and Garden magazines, it made me grabbing my cup of tea and snuggling deeper into my sofa 🙂 Sweet hedgehog. This painting is cool, I wonder what Conny will add…

  4. I read Anam Cara and enjoyed it too. Night vision goggles. . .what fun. I didn’t know we could get them. Love the drawing (wolf?). Blessings, Janet PPF Oh, and I’ll have one of those cupcakes 🙂

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