trees, tea n gingerbread

IMG_20141123_093112 IMG_20141124_131330 IMG_20141124_205934

I made this tree decoration adapting the kit from the homemaker magazine..I added buttons and glued the reels to a wooden fence panel. The days have started to get colder now but love to have tea served in a pretty vintage cup  from a cute teapot all snug under its cosy along with my salad. I made some gingerbread last night and made this little gingerbread house using 2 fence has the recipe for gingerbread on the back..for The ARt of Goodness workshop I am loving.

Happy Moo Monthly

Happy Tea Time Tuesday


10 thoughts on “trees, tea n gingerbread

  1. Thank you for joining us for T this Tuesday, Lorraine. We always love it when we can greet new members. You hit all my weaknesses today. I love trees. In fact, that’s the only thing I decorate my house with at Christmas.

    Your tea cup is beautiful, and the teapot looks quite snug under its cozy. Looks like a healthy meal, too. And of course, who can resist a gingerbread house, even one made of wood. After all, it will never be eaten or go bad. It is simply gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing your tea, your trees, and your lovely gingerbread house with us for T this Tuesday. And we hope you’ll come back and join us often, too.

  2. Hello and Happy T Day! I LOVE TREES, these are so cute and fun!! I have taken that class too and love it. Great fence panels, so fun aren’t they. Thank you for sharing your crafts and pretty tea cup with us today. Have a good week.

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