Just be a creative soul

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I often get asked how do you fit being creative into your busy home life? The simple answer I suppose is that I dont watch that much tv and limit myself on things like facebook which take away valuable “me time”..I also get up very early and retire early and read. I love blackboard paint at the moment and have been painting old wooden boxes with it to reuse them as a countdown to Christmas or as a positive affirmation reminder. I am finishing up the hugely enjoyable Art of Spring and ARt of Goodness workshops I have taken by Junelle Jacobsen. I managed to get some artsy ornament workshops by Christy Tomlinson cheaply on Black Friday so will be having a go at them soon.

So turn off the tv, limit facebook and be a creative soul….and drink some tea

Happy Tea for Tuesday


13 thoughts on “Just be a creative soul

  1. It would seem that we share more than a few kindred behaviors.
    TV ‘n’ online distractions, early to bed ‘n’ rise, bedtime reading … creating!

    And I love your chalkboard paint ideas asd creations ~ so cool!

  2. I’m SO glad you joined us for T today. Welcome. You have some wonderful reminders of how to be more productive. I refuse to join Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, and all those other social media sites that suck up your time. I’m a blogger and proud of it, and that’s where all my internet focus lies.

    I found some green blackboard paint at my local Household Hazardous Waste Swap and Shop. I haven’t opened it, but hope to one of these days.

    I really love your philosophy. Turn off the TV and make tea. Thanks again for joining us for T this Tuesday.

  3. Wonderful post Lorraine!
    I do have FB and Pinterest, but I usually on go to them in search of something, FB keeps me in touch with the family in San Diego. My DIL is always on it and posting pictures of the kids, and I have joined a couple of art journal groups that I really do enjoy. In the evenings, when DH is home and wants me to watch TV with him (usually something I’m not fond of) that is when I check FB…….grin

    When he is working late I prefer a book! but I will pass on the tea.
    Have a great week.

  4. Love your thoughts and I agree. Tho I lately I’ve watched too much TV. Still getting settled in my new place then it’ll be crafting no tv. I’m a late to bed but early to rise. A great T day post. Happy T day! Nan & the Girls

  5. Hello and Happy T Day! I love all the art here and your words about tea and reading. Junelle’s classes are the best, I took those ones and enjoyed them so much. Christy’s is just as good too! Enjoy making art and counting advent with it, love that idea.
    I don’t watch tv or have FB but I am on Instagram too much, actually thinking of taking this month off from it and just enjoying the season. Thanks for sharing today!

  6. I think your absolutely right. If your looking for time to do the things you love and can’t find it. Its probably because you’ve fallen into some habits that are sucking up your time and your not aware of it. Gotta set priorities! Hugs! deb

  7. sweet collage. I don’t know where folks find time to watch TV! FB is for business !
    Create without limits!
    Thanks for visiting

  8. Awww Lorraine, a big YESSSSS for limiting my FB time…all those social media things steal my time!! Thank you for inspiring me to do me a plan to manage this better 🙂 Love your artsy collection and wish you a wonderful and chilly christmastime ❤

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