Quiet meditative time

and thats when I carried you FLY AWAY AND DREAM go within have faith in yourself in the light there is darkness take time for reflection

I have started creating digital art collages again inspired by the meditations in the Twelve Nights of Solstice art group on fb. I managed to get craft artist pro 2 for a very reasonable price of £4.99 on daisytrail.com. Its a card and scrapbook making package but I have been using it differently and am pleased with the results as it allows me to be creative in a small amount of time that I have now that Christmas is nearly here..busy time of year for mums I think!

Happy ARt Journal Journey


6 thoughts on “Quiet meditative time

  1. Lorraine, these digital collages are great. Sounds like that’s a great digital program you have managed to make work well for you. I especially like “Have faith in yourself.” What an uplifting message.

    I also stopped by to tell you, Google has played a nasty, nasty trick on commenters. You do NOT have to replicate the word verification number. All you have to do is leave a comment, then press Publish. I assure you, this was NOT my doing, but Google’s way of showing its supposed superiority. But most of us have figured it out so you don’t have to try to second guess those words or numbers. Just ignore the house numbers as if they didn’t exist. This is true on all Blogger blogs, not just mine.

    • thank you its been really annoying as I have been trying to visit blogs but it wont let me leave comments and the comment box keeps popping up with word verification and when I try and click on publish it all starts up again.

  2. Fantastic digital Collages Lorraine! Yes you are right.. a busy time.. it should be a peaceful and quiet time..
    Thank you for sharing your digi pieces with us Lorraine and
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. Beautiful collages, I especially like the reflections collage, loved the blues, so peaceful
    thank you for your visit to my blog.

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