blackboard singing of the dead of night!!

I bought this can of blackboard paint with no creative ideas at the time but thought it might come in useful one day. Well its great when you want to make personalised presents with ease. My dad loves gardening so instead of just giving him compost which he requested I decided to alter lots of items for him. I am hoping my sons will write with chalk on the pots, tins and tray with messages for their grandad. I made a huge star using some willow, old lights and string last night and it looks lovely all lit up by the tree in the kitchen.  I covered an old rusty baking tray with the paint too and added decoupage letters and a clay ornament and am very pleased with the result


Going with the black theme my cup of tea today is in an old Norton mad in this house although we always had the old Triumph bikes.   I have been having major problems leaving comments on blog posts as word verification keeps popping up and keeps taking me back to the comment box all the I will try my best to leave comments for you if I can.

Happy Tea Tuesday


15 thoughts on “blackboard singing of the dead of night!!

  1. These pots are awesome. They will be a welcome addition to your dad’s garden. I’m sure he’ll find a place for them.

    Never heard of Norton mugs, so that’s a new on me. But I’m glad you shared it. And thanks for joining for T this Tuesday. I’m so glad you are here with us again this week.

  2. Fun clicking on your photos for a closer look at your lovely creations dear Lorraine.
    I have resisted that chalkboard paint til now but you are making me think I may just ‘need’ some afterall 😉
    Compost sounds like a great gift and with your personal touches you’re taking it to new heights!
    Happy T Day

  3. I smiled about the compost gift for your father! lol… Lovely creations with this paint Lorraine – you are always so creative!
    Happy T-Day!

  4. What a nice idea to make gifts personalized. A hint: I’ve found on many of the blogs that have that word verification you can just ignore it and hit publish and your comment goes through. Not true on all but works for many who post on T Tuesday. Maybe that will help you. I often give up on a blog is I have to write those letters or numbers.


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