walk into the light

IMG_20150101_145916_edit IMG_20150101_145924_edit IMG_20150101_145936_edit walk into the light Took this photo on a winter walk last sunday and wanted to incorporate it into some assemblage pieces. I have used clay, wood and various embellishments to complete them. I am trying to use up my huge amount of craft stash and quite pleased at the way they have turned out with the messages on them to slow down and take the road less travelled..ie. do your own thing. Happy Paint Party Friday

thank you for visiting my blog..unfortunately a lot of the blogs I am visiting are not letting me post a comment as faced with the I am not a robot thing..this is really annoying and is affecting us all as a blog community I think


13 thoughts on “walk into the light

  1. these are marvelous Lorraine- I love how you are incorporating from your stash and nature and using meaningful words. Happy New Year and Happy PPF! I do hope I don’t have that “I’m not a robot” thing on.

  2. Happy New Year!
    I have the same problem with Blogspot bloggers – I don’t understand why they they don’t change commenting option now when all name/URL comments must go through ‘I’m not a robot’ ticking…
    I’ve posted again about this on my blog…

  3. I was having trouble with leaving messages too. . .Google+ . . . but finally joined it after years of fretting with it. The photo is a good shot. The Messages are right on target.. .. they are beautiful too. Blessings, Janet PPF

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