Outshines the Old collages

IMG_20150103_100003_edit_edit  IMG_20150104_200453_edit
I have started doing some collage pages for The Documented Life 2015 project. The theme at the moment is book pages so to the first one I added a little watercolour and to the second a crunched heart..both influenced by the classes in Christy Tomlinsons artsy ornament workshop I have just finished.


Today, being a Sunday also meant baking with help from my sons..fairy cakes and bread n butter pudding (using some mincemeat left over from making mince pies).

Happy Sunday Sketches

apologies if you have had problems locating my blog it seems that the captcha Im not a robot thing is directing people to my old blog! Hope they get rid of this soon as its annoying having to type several words before I get the scrambled word right!


7 thoughts on “Outshines the Old collages

  1. Lorraine, so wonderful to have you a part of Sunday Sketches. I’ve updated/corrected your link for other peeps to visit. Wonderful mixed media – LOVE your little house. 🙂

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