do more of what makes you happy

IMG_20150106_130822 IMG_20150106_130953
is the caption on my favourite cup for my tea. Well one of the things that makes me happy is making things out of rubbish. This cube was originally styrofoam packaging in my sons toys. I found a huge bunch of hessian (I think its called burlap in the US) in my shed which I had forgotten about! So, keeping with the notion of using up my craft stash I decided to cover this cube with hessian and add lots of flowers and utee embellishments I had previously made to it. As you can see its a great place to hold my scissors..I am always losing my scissors so glad I made this last night in the hour I had to myself before putting the kids to bed.

Happy Tea Tuesday


11 thoughts on “do more of what makes you happy

  1. I always love to see ANYTHING recycled, so this truly spoke to me. The flowers made all the difference in the world. And if I had THAT beauty to store my scissors, I’d be happy, too.

    I adore that mug, and so very much like the sentiment. Thanks for sharing these beauties with us for T this Tuesday.

  2. Perfect words on your cup Lorraine
    and what a lovely creation to keep your scissors handy.
    Making something from almost nothing is always so satisfying isn’t it.
    When I first heard the term “hessian” I realized I would have never guessed what it was…
    sounds more exotic than burlap 😉
    Happy T Day to you

  3. I do love that mug! Thank you for translating “hessian” now I have a new word in my vocabulary:) Your upcycled project is gorgeous! Happy T Day!

  4. The sentiment on your cup is the one I live by…………………… I don’t clean house……LOL

    Your little scissor cube is darling, and a great idea, and I am already thinking about an old floral cube that is out in the garage.

    Thanks for sharing and for visiting this week. Happy T-day

  5. What a fabulous idea to use on styrofoam! Hate that stuff. It will be around forever! Now you got me thinking…..and i think i know what i will do with the next styrofoam i get..:) Happy New Year! and Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

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