Just Be

just be hanging
Influenced by Junelle from the artsy ornament 2012 class I decided to make a huge fabric panel for my door. Instead of a prayer tree I decided to paint some spring abstract flowers and added lots of sewing, buttons and paint. The bottom panel is a hessian pocket with some crochet flowers and holds my books on mindfulness and meditation.
I have always loved buttons and most of these buttons are ones I used to play with as a child..now I still play with them but in an arty way.
Happy Paint Party Friday
Happy Express Your Creativity


9 thoughts on “Just Be

  1. What a cool idea! I’d like to create something similar – I like having a mezuzah on each door (though I have to get my act together and paint the one for the kitchen door!) and I’d like to make something like this for some of the internal doors

  2. This is great! I love buttons too, as does my 3 year old, such fun to play with colourful buttons of all shapes and colours and run your fingers through them!

    • great idea and I love that you used flowers! I have LOTS of buttons-some very old and vintage , along with newer ones-and yes, now I use them in my art:)Happy PPF!

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