oh you pretty things

IMG_20150203_140921 IMG_20150203_141213_edit IMG_20150203_152838_edit
Felt like making some really pretty things for a change so altered this bowl to make it look vintage adding music tissue paper and lots of flowers and pearls. I got a gift with a magazine yesterday so decided to make some pretty felt flowers and cards. I did a lot of gardening today as it was quite a nice day so had a break having a nice cup of coffee in this pretty cup

Happy Tea Time or Coffee Tuesday


10 thoughts on “oh you pretty things

  1. That cup is gorgeous, as is your altered basket. You did a great job of turning it into a vintage thing of beauty. In fact, the flowers in the bowl make it even more special.

    You are SO lucky to be able to garden at this time of year, Even if the weather is warm enough, the ground is still frozen, and even a sharp shovel wouldn’t penetrate it. So, do a little gardening for me (grin).

    Thank you for joining us for T this week, and sharing all the beautiful things you have made.

  2. Such beautiful, fresh looking images. I look forward to being able to sit outdoors again. Your cards are ever so pretty and I totally ‘heart’ that cup :o))

  3. Hmmm… gardening…. you must live somewhere warm…. 🙂 Me too… should be pushing 70 again today… And i have been cleaning up the flowerbed in front… laying new mulch… trimming some things back , getting ready to sell the house… Love your pretty things. Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  4. Such a beautiful cup! And so lovely to see sunshine and evidence of warmer days. We got over a foot of snow on Monday and today promises to be more of the same. Thankfully I got a snow plow contract for Christmas : ).

  5. Hello and Happy late T Day! How pretty everything looks, great job on the bowl and the cards. Can’t wait for winter to pass and we can garden again. Thanks for sharing with us.

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