spoonful of sugar makes the world go round

Another little bit of fun art for Junelles art class and an idea from Christy Tomlinsons artsy ornament class about altering spoons. I love drawing sheep at the moment and add lots of ribbons, strings, sewing to this watercolour fun idea.

I like to shop at Morrisons and love their Β£5 voucher ideas..this week I got this fab baking book for free so made the first recipe today provencal tart..I added some chicken n blue cheese and it was delicious..I think I will bake an almond n honey cake tomorrow.
Happy Tea Tuesday


13 thoughts on “spoonful of sugar makes the world go round

  1. May I come live with you and let you cook for me? This looks wonderful.

    I also love the altered spoon, and it gives me an idea of things I want to create. Thanks for the inspiration. Also, thanks for joining in on T this Tuesday, especially with that new cookbook you are putting to good use.

  2. That spoon is so delightful-love all the layers and colors Lorraine, and that provencal tart-OMG -it sounds divine!! have fun with your new cookbook. Happy T day!

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