Bake, Make, Create and Enjoy Life

bless this house IMG_20150305_142834 IMG_20150306_162328_edit
I am still enjoying watching The Great British Bake off and this has inspired me to start baking nearly every day..made these lovely lemon zest shortbread yesterday and today I baked jamaican ginger cake. The course I have been taking from Junelle has come to an end now so have done these quick art pieces for them. Hope the weather is starting to warm up near you..we had a lovely day today so it was washing hanging out on the line and bike ride to the nearby ducky pond

Happy Sunday Sketches


7 thoughts on “Bake, Make, Create and Enjoy Life

  1. My mouth is watering and longing for some of your shortbread! Hubby makes a wonderful lemon shortbread as well. I think that’s the British side in him – we’re always having baked goodies and tea around here. Hee Lovely painting as well. You seem to have a wonderful freedom in your work. 🙂

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