Peace N Cake

Heather from Community Thrive contacted me to ask whether I would be interested in an art share tutorial on the theme of peace and layers. I made a video of me painting this little watercolour this morning but unfortunately I am having trouble loading it up to my thought I would share some photos instead while I try and work out how to load my video! Its Mothers Day this Sunday in the UK and I wanted to make my mum a lavender bag, bake her a cake and of course buy her flowers.
First, I painted some cotton with white paint..I use household paint tester pots but you can use gesso, white acrylic etc..its to form a barrier to stop the watercolour seeping into the fabric. I dont tend to use expensive watercolours and like to add lots of white pen and add detail with black fine markers.

Once I had finished the watercolour I added floral material to the back and some hessian (burlap) and sewed it on to some cotton. I then sewed up 3 sides, stuffed it with wadding and added some lavender. On the front I added buttons, flowers and ribbon…so lots of layers and a peace n cake!!

Finally, worked out how to upload a video so here it is


It was a beautiful Spring day today so instead of tea I had some lemon juice from my favourite “holy grail” chalice as my sons call it..which I picked up at a church fair.

Happy Tea Tuesday

Here are the other artists taking part in the art sure to check out their art too tomorrow 

Louise Kirby of River-Girl-Art

Renee Stien of The Tin Goat

Regina Berwein of Sisters Art Lab

Gabriele Langfeldt-Feldmann  of Art-A-Tag


18 thoughts on “Peace N Cake

  1. I am thrilled you shared this with us. The bag looks lovely, and you draw and paint so WELL. I like your tip on the paint. Any time I can save money, I’m willing to do so. I bet your mother is going to love her gift. Mother’s Day is a lot earlier in the UK than in the US, and it’s good to know about it. The extra embellishments you added were the perfect touch, too.

    Your lunch looks lovely and healthy, and I adore that chalice. It looks like something Indiana Jones would have picked (grin). Thanks for sharing it, and for joining with your beautiful Mother’s Day gift for T this Tuesday.

  2. amazing bag and I enjoyed your video so much Lorraine -great to see you work and hear fab opera arias and your symphatic voice!
    Hope you will show us more in future!

  3. I enjoyed watching your video. You have a lovely voice. What a good way to prepare your cloth for painting with watercolour, I am going to try that.
    I wondered what watercolour paints you were using, it looks like a very nice set.

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