birds crochet n ginger beer

All relaxed after yoga this morning so had a little bit of time to enjoy a glass of ginger beer while doing a bit of crochet
I love crocheting granny squares and am thinking of turning all these squares into a jacket
I had a go at making some clay birds using tin foil and polymer clay which I then painted

Happy Tea Tuesday


10 thoughts on “birds crochet n ginger beer

  1. GINGER BEER SOUND DELISH and the Bird crochet looks so adorable . I love to crochet and think the jacket would be fantastic you must share if you do it. Love the birds you made also…you have been very busy!!!

  2. I’ve never had ginger beer. If you make a jacket from the squares–please take pictures! Your birds turned out really good–so smooth and perky! You have sure been busy! Happy T-Day! 🙂

  3. I’ve never tried ginger beer…..possibly have never even seen it in the store. Your crochet squares are so colorful and would make an awesome jacket!

  4. No idea what ginger beer tastes like. I used to LOVE making granny squares with my grandmother. We’d make blankets, vests and purses. Sadly I got rid of all those things. Your clay bird display is beautiful! Happy T day

  5. You are the second person in two weeks who has mentioned ginger beer. I take it, this is not real beer. I really MUST look it up to find out what it is and what it’s made of.

    I have about three hundred granny squares I was going to turn into an afghan, then realized I don’t like sewing the squares together. All that work, with three different colors in each square and they are packed away waiting for someone to take them off my hands.

    I must apologize. I thought I finished this comment and sent it to you yesterday, When I opened my computer today, I found it sitting here waiting to be finished, I had an important phone call and must have not come back to the computer. I am SO sorry.

    I really like that bird you made. I want to get back into clay as soon as I meet some other obligations. You are a true inspiration,

    You asked about my friend on the right sidebar. He is a steel drum musician who plays everything from rock to classical to meditation music on those drums. He is my friend and lived in my basement when we both attended Wichita State University. He now lives in the Los Angeles, CA area,

    Thanks for joining me for T this week. I apologize that I was not a very good host, I hope to do better once I get more sleep.

    • oh you daft thing never apologise for real visiting every week as some of the other challenge sites are just too big and have too many people on them to visit. Thank you for your kind comments and you are a great host

  6. ginger beer is not really beer but its more like lemonade with ginger added to it..I like the spicy fiery kind..delicious..sometimes I forget that you dont have the same things over there in the USA;)

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