sharing the gifts of creativity

chickens gifts of creativity
I am taking Jeanne Olivers Creatively Made Home Art course..which was one of a few courses I bought in the Black Friday sale. In the first week she talks a lot about how each of us has been given the gift of creativity and how we need to share it to inspire others. Well, I like to do that via this blog and my fb page Lorraine’s Arty Stuff. The first project was altering an old book..I liked the way she added lace to the back of it so I decided to add further elements and make it in my own style…so added an old zip, silver fork and a vintage ATC I made awhile back. I recently bought an american made arrow glue gun and think its a really good buy as you dont have to keep pushing the glue sticks in it all the time like the cheap one I originally had..its perfect for adhering heavy items like zips etc too. Another idea off the course was using magazine pages in art but I didnt want to do a girl image so found this photo of a henhouse and I painted chickens in front of the way its turned out all abstract. Right off to bake a courgette n feta cheese I have some courgettes that need using up today

Happy Art Journal Journey..where the theme is wings

well added some olives, sun dried tomatoes too and it sort of tastes like a cross between a quiche, cake and bread very unusual…love baking at the moment and treated myself to tulips today too


6 thoughts on “sharing the gifts of creativity

  1. Both pages are gorgeous Lorraine… have fun with this course futhermore.. sounds great!
    Thank you for joining Art Journal Journey again!

  2. What a lovely journal – I love the ACEO and assemblage elements – especially the fork! And how sweet the winged page of your creative inspiration is ~ just charming. And your bread looks and sounds like something I’d enjoy. Yum!

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