Look after yourself your doing the best you can

Its very wintry here today and we had bad storms so not much sleep so taking it easy today. I finished this little collage yesterday for the Jeanne Oliver course I am taking.
I baked a delicious apple cake yesterday so perfect for a rainy day delicious with greek honey yoghurt. I am trying to bake baguettes at the moment..does anyone know what temperature to set the fan oven when you want the bread to rise..as my house is not very warm so thought I would use the oven but they are not rising very well!
I have been painting some eggs and drawing spongebob faces..hoping when my son comes in he will want to have a go as there is a decorated egg day at his school on Thursday. I think the problem with these kind of days is often that the parents do everything and dont let their sons have a chance so I thought I would start it off and see if wants to have a go at making spongebob egg pen tops..hope so!
Happy Tea Tuesday

spongebob egg heads
spongebob egg heads all finished..my sons is the best one;)


10 thoughts on “Look after yourself your doing the best you can

  1. What beautiful tulips I see in the background, they really caught my eye 😀 Your page is fabulous; I love the quote, it is so true 😀
    Your crafting table looks like a lot of fun to be had, I hope your wee one enjoys it too 😀
    Sorry I can’t help regarding the oven temperature :/
    Happy T Day 😀 😀

  2. I’m seeing lots of beautiful flowers around as I visit-I’m thinking I need to buy some this week for myself since nothing is blooming around these parts yet. Lovely to get your son involved at home. I used to do that with my son-even had him baking with me-when he was young-lol! Happy T day and a happy Easter!

  3. Lovely art work–the title says it all….and really enjoyed the color and Spring flowers in your table photos…I would love some apple cake! ♥ happy T day!

  4. What gorgeous tulips on your table. Although it’s a bit too early for tulips here, yours are stunning. Your collage is wonderful, and I so enjoyed the Sponge Bob eggs. Clever how you involved your son, too. Looks like he had a great time decorating his egg.

    Thanks for sharing T with us this Tuesday, and I’d really love a piece of that yummy looking Apple Cake.

  5. Hello and Happy T Day! How nice those tulips are and your gorgeous art too. How fun to make Sponge Bob eggs, they look great! I would love apple cake and sorry I don’t know anything about the fan or baking so I can’t help. Hope it turned out ok for you.

  6. The eggs turned out great and how nice that your sons get to play too!
    My mother was a wonderful baker…I tend to not bake as it is just my husband and I in the house and we would end up eating all of the goodies. There is nothing like warm bread and other baked treats.
    Lovely collage too you busy lady you.
    Happy April Lorraine

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