see the beauty emerging all around you

Easter is a time when many Liverpool women buy new Easter clothes..I tend to buy book and craft supplies ha ha! So I thought I would do a quick collage for the Jeanne Oliver course I am taking of a woman in her new glad rags (clothes).

Another course I have just begun is Junelles Pink Cheeks n muddy her courses as she shares lots of videos of sheep besides lovely art n recipes. The above are very fast sketches while waiting for my sons to arrive from school.

Have a lovely Easter
Happy Paint Party Friday

Happy Moo Mania where the theme is eggs


13 thoughts on “see the beauty emerging all around you

  1. Ha yep I tend to fall in the category of art supplies first and foremost!! Lovely little Easter sketches!! Thanks for sharing…very sweet!!

  2. Happy Easter
    Such lovely art here!

    I am one that really loves clothes but no Easter finery for me …LOL
    I hate shopping and trying on clothes , I shop online at my most favorite store, Chicos, , it’s quite expensive so i wait for sales and
    have gotten some wonderful buys and great clothes.
    If I don’t like what I have gotten or if it does not fit right, I just return to the store that is close by …

    Take care …

  3. All the three artworks are lovely. I too am taking junelle’s class. Yours already have a style of your own😊 May I know which class ofJeanne’s is this? It looks lovely

  4. Your paintings are so gentle. I like your collage of the lady in her blue coat/dress, although like the others I would as soon have new art supplies.
    Lovely painting of the chicken and eggs and the silver spoon.

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