quiet time

I couldnt wait to use my metal stamps that arrived today so have been playing in the garden this afternoon with them. I made this little bookmark by hammering and stamping the spoon then adding a bird n bead..love it..but will probably use it as an ornament so I can look at it

IMG_20150407_170534then used an old bracelet to alter a candle with an old spoon that I cut and then stamped love on

IMG_20150407_154428 love using old vintage tools to do the job.  I picked up this old drill from an antique shop last week only £4 bargain!

We went for a bike ride this morning to my favourite local pond

Happy Tea Tuesday


8 thoughts on “quiet time

  1. Your metal stamping looks so good -love your projects so far! Isn’t it a bit difficult to get a good impression without really hammering though? LOVE those old tools too. Lovely to have a duck pond so close. We have a creek and river that run nearby so I get to enjoy them too. Happy T day!

  2. Your metal stamping looks so pretty–must have taken a lot of strength to get images that good. Looks like you had a nice sunny day to enjoy your bike ride to the pond!

  3. OH Lorraine your hammered pieces are really lovely and oh so special!
    I confess I always ask Mr Magpie to do the cutlery hammering on his anvil.
    Thank you for sharing the Ducky with us too!
    Happy T Day
    p.s. that drill is a real treasure and just my speed…
    power tools scare me

  4. I am super impressed with your hammering skills. I have mixed luck with mine. I hoped to make something in a week or so, but after seeing what you accomplished, I doubt I’ll even try. Yours is gorgeous. Mixed with the bracelet and surrounding that candle, this is a wonderful recycle project, too.

    Thanks for sharing your ducks, your new tools (especially that drill), and your gorgeous metal art today for T this Tuesday.

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