Spring at the Farm

2015-04-12 18.56.37
I took lots of photos from our farm visit last week so have been doing quick watercolours from them of a night for the Junelle art course I am taking..love this crazy rooster

2015-04-14 08.35.14
My idea of a dream cottage is this sketch where I would bake cakes, swing from the apple tree, spin wool from the sheep and collect eggs from the hens..an idyllic dream as I know how difficult real farm work is..as my mum used to tell me about how the foxes used to get her chickens when she lived in the Welsh mountains as a child
20150411_090438 (1)
I wanted to sketch a funny duck I saw on the farm visit who was walking really funny with its neck outstretched..love hen houses too..
I came across Melody Ross and her Brave Girls Club site recently so had a go at her free I have an idea workshop..I turned mine into a blackboard for my shed and of course added lots of collaged birds..recommend this site though as you get nice encouraging positive emails of a morning..bit of art with positivity which is always a good thing

Feel like another visit to the farm perhaps tomorrow..must go and eat my pea, lemon n garlic soup which I am making in the soupmaker for my cold

Happy moo mania where the theme is flavours of spring


3 thoughts on “Spring at the Farm

  1. I love all your paintings! So lovely Lorraine!
    Yes let’s dream from a happy farm life.. but it’s hard I guess .. you are right!
    Thank you for joining Moo Mania & More Lorraine!
    Happy rest of the week!

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