I am free to….

I have been catching up with some pages for the Documented Life Project so this double page is for the ink and fabric challenges..a gentle page all about being kind to yourself and remaining calm. I painted the face on fabric with lots of lace, button embellishments.

free to dream dlp
I was watching the movie about Margaret Keanes life so sketched this and added it to a page all about the wonder of life and how you can change direction if you want
begin again tray

I decided to alter a tray inspired by Melody Ross and the Brave Girls Club printouts..it turned into a piece about having the courage to rise above the stormy seas of life

Happy Paint Party Friday

and a new challenge  Art it Friday show your face


16 thoughts on “I am free to….

  1. I’d like to see that movie as well. I’ve been hearing a lot about it. Thanks for the reminder. Love all your pages Lorraine. Great job.

  2. Lovely pages! So nice to see your work, I love your theme. I notice that you use to have a blogger blog, how are you finding the change to wordpress? Thanks for joining in the Show Your Face community share this week hope to see you again next week. Kx

    • wordpress is a lot better and is easy to design a cleaner looking blog. I had major problems with blogger deleting all my photos but unfortunately when I leave comments on blogger blogs I can only use my old blogger account not this one!

      • Hi Lorraine, I have problems commenting on blogger from wordpress too, unless they have ‘Name/URL’ in the ‘comment as’ box. It’s a pain isn’t it?!
        Love your artwork btw!
        Alison x

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