playing around with new watercolours

IMG_20150512_131424_edit IMG_20150512_131501_edit IMG_20150512_131637_edit IMG_20150512_131647_edit IMG_20150512_131715_edit

Love these kuretake watercolours ..there is quite a lot of pigment in them so playing around inspired by Danielle Donaldson.

Happy Tea Tuesday


11 thoughts on “playing around with new watercolours

  1. These are simply STUNNING watercolor drawings, Lorraine. Very impressive And although I wasn’t sure if that was tea or coffee, it looks like I would drink it, since I like mine white, too.

    Thanks for shaing these gorgeous paintings with us for T this Tuesday.

  2. *sigh*, what a fabulous few minutes I have justt spent enlarging and checking out your work in detail. Simply AWEsome! I love your style. My favourite here is the one top left. Happy T Day from a new follower :o))
    Thanks for your comment on Wee Man’s post :o))

  3. these are gorgeous Lorraine!! I’m not familiar with these watercolors but they sound like they are much like the Peerless ones I have. Happy T day!

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