the colours of Matisse

I am taking the Jeanne Oliver course Studying under the Masters so the first week is all about Matisse. Its nice reading about this influential artist again. I did 2 paintings  influenced by The Dance one of his famous paintings which was about Catalan fishermen dancing.

matisse patterns

painting patterns looking at the painting Harmony in Red

I love dancing especially zumba and painting with the lovely bright watercolours really lifted my mood
hello happy
I love the projects from the brave girls club and I made this banner for the smallest room in my house! I decided to print the letters out onto fabric instead of paper and used some old lace I making pretty things

Happy ARt it Friday


7 thoughts on “the colours of Matisse

    • I feel like I’m being greeted with your sweet banner!!” Hello Happy” Great movement in your colourful work!! Thanks for sharing!!

      Hugs Giggles

  1. Ooo Just wonderful works! So glad you linked them up at Art It Friday Show Your Face! And thanks for the reminder about Jeanne’s class, I saw a mention of it before it went live but I couldn’t find any more info, I shall go check it out! I adore the movement you have managed to evoke. Kx

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