Cezanne and poppies

road to n flowers
Catching up with a couple of pages for the Documented Life Challenges.  I had a go at painting poppies inspired by last Sunday Sketchers tutorial..have always wanted to paint poppies this way..very loose and free. The second page is based on Cezannes The Bather as wanted to capture the stance of one foot in front of the other..I love walking outside amongst nature and riding my bike too
poppy desk
Still loving my bureau that I bought the other week..now I am wondering how I ever coped without it!

Happy Tea Tuesday


10 thoughts on “Cezanne and poppies

  1. That is a wonderful desk. It looks so useful, too.

    Golly, those are superb poppies. I’m really impressed by your drawing and painting skills.

    I’m having a terrible time with my internet, and am sorry I’m so late visiting. I’ve had glitches I can’t explain and shutdowns that are frustrating. I’ll have a cup of whatever you’re drinking. I’m sure it will sooth my nerves.

    Thanks for the visit and the lovely art for T this Tuesday.

  2. It’s amazing how ‘poppy-like’ your poppies look despite not being defined by edges! Very very clever! I can understand why you love your bureau, it looks like a great place to stash art bits and bobs 🙂

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