spirit of life that surrounds us with healing calmness

spirit of life that surrounds us

Having a look at the work of Chagall at the moment and did a quick painting today of me on my new bench.. while eating my lunch and trying not to dip my brush in my yogi tea!

working on spirt of life

Happy Tea Tuesday


12 thoughts on “spirit of life that surrounds us with healing calmness

  1. Can’t tell you how many times beads have dived into my after lunch tea or I’ve almost dipped my brush in! Your painting is sweet, and lunch looks refreshing!

  2. Had to laugh because I thought the same thing right before I read what you wrote. Your painting is gorgeous, and so is that lunch. Glad your yogi tea was spared at least before the photo was taken.

    So glad you could join us again this week, Lorraine. It’s always fun to see your art and read your fun and interesting remarks. Thanks for joining us for T this Tuesday.

  3. I see you have that round, stacked palette that I have seen in so many stores and been so tempted to buy. I opted for another one and now I am eager to try it out, doing something colourful like you have done here – wonderful painting! Happy T-Day (belated)!

  4. Wonderful painting, and lunch looks really yummy. I have drank more paint because I have missed the water and hit the coffee cup….LOL I figure my insides must be pretty colorful by now!!

    Thanks for the visit on T-day, sorry I’m so late in returning the visit. Busy loading the Playhouse for a 9 day vacation at the beach….yeay! The girls LOVE your comments!

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