Slow down and listen


Quick bit of art listening to the birds


Lunch outside love food to look aesthetic…trying to eat healthily



9 thoughts on “Slow down and listen

  1. Slow down and listen, it is indeed a superb advice 🙂 – I love your painting …. was just about to say as usual hehe… But really – it is great when you can paint this way … Sitting outside is something I hope I will be able to in a few year?… One never know… Happy Wednesday to you too !!

  2. Lorraine, I wanted to stop by and thank you for stopping by my area. That is a beautiful canvass, and that plate of food looks delicious enough to eat! #30

  3. Your ‘painting’ is lovely… it’s really mixed media isn’t it? I think I see a 3D stem and a shadow of it, or did you paint that too? Anyway, it is great (and lunch looks tasty, yum!) Happy woyww and a warm hug (it’s hot and humid in the Netherlands at the moment!) from Holland, Marit #36

hello, I love comments and will visit your blog too

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