Autumn colours n baking


Went for a walk in the woods last night and my son spotted some fungi so did a quick watercolour while waiting for them to come back from school in the heavy rain


I had a lovely peaceful walk in the park this morning and then decided I needed to bake.  Baking as with other creative processes is very meditative I think. The malt loaf turned out delicious as I have never made that before.
Happy tea Tuesday


10 thoughts on “Autumn colours n baking

    • love that illustration Lorraine. I too tend to bake more in cooler weather and luckily have a hubby and son who take care of it all very well :):) Your malt loaf sounds very interesting…perhaps you can share the recipe? Happy T day!

  1. Your host is very, very late visiting today, and for that I apologize. I was taken by that beautiful watercolor, though. The fungi never looked so good. Beautiful art.

    I just finished eating and you made me hungry all over again with that meatloaf. I think it looks wonderful, and of course, the rooster mug adds to the love I felt when I saw this comfort food and drink. Thanks for sharing it, as well as your lovely watercolor with us for T this Tuesday.

  2. Hello and Happy T Day late, sorry. How pretty your painting is, great colors! YAY for baking and trying something new, I’m not a good baker so love when others can do this. Hope you have a good week, thanks for sharing.

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