Autumn walks


I have always loved walking amongst the autumn leaves all wrapped up in my hat, coat and scarf.


The new pine cones are not yet out but found these old ones beneath the trees. A new cafe has opened in the park and has lots of books to encourage everyone to read. I love scribd for art and spiritual books but love the feel of old well read books. I am currently reading a funny book on manners and etiquette by Sandy Toksvig… Would love to know what you are reading.
Happy tea Tuesday


19 thoughts on “Autumn walks

  1. sweet autumn illustration Lorraine. I love all the scents of fall-the dry leaves, the evergreens, the air, and yes, the woody smell of the pinecones:) Happy T day!

  2. A cafe with books! Sounds the perfect place! Do they have a ‘bookcrossing’ shelf? In Bristol there is a pub with a ‘bookcrossing’ shelf. It means you can take a book for free, but are expected to put another book in its place. (
    I’m reading a crime novel at the moment by Hakan Nesser: Borkmans Point, (an inspector Van Veeteren mystery).
    Thanks for visiting me earlier,
    Have a good week,

  3. Your post has great autumn imagery! The café with books sounds fun. As you’ll see from my post today, I’m a book-lover, too. Currently I’m re-reading my favorite book, A Little Princess, for the umpteenth time. Happy T Day! 🙂

  4. Sorry I am so late visiting. I didn’t think I’d be THIS late, though. It’s still HOT here. Feels more like August than October. So glad autumn has hit in your part of the world.

    We have cafes in my city that have books on the tables that you can read. I think it’s a great idea and encourages people to slow down and appreciate the moment. Most restaurants want you in and out as fast as possible, but a few gems don’t. Glad you found one.

    Thanks for sharing your drink, your art and your book cafe in the park with us for T this Tuesday.

  5. Beautiful little painting! I love fall, too! My favorite time of year. Crunching through leaves, wearing jackets, crispy chilly air…ahhh!
    Reading a book somebody gave me at one time or another that I found when I moved–called The Floor Of The Sky by Pamela Carter Joern. I’m halfway through it and just realized it is supposed to be a teen novel. Doesn’t read like one so far–LOL! Happy T-Day!

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