Autumn walk


I am taking part in the Strathmore Pass the Journal project so the above watercolour is for that.  I love autumn with all its beautiful colours.  I have included some of my favourite meditative quotes on the page too. To see the pulp journal I am taking part in click the link far it has travelled across the US to Italy and now in Liverpool and from me it will go to Norway.


I love the primitive style of quilting and needlecraft so was pleased to get a copy of this magazine which I have been looking through while drinking my mint tea after relaxing yoga.


Here I am in Clint Eastwood pose as I finished my poncho at the weekend..its lovely and warm and I call it my mindful poncho as I find knitting very meditative and calming being in the moment.

Happy Tea Tuesday


15 thoughts on “Autumn walk

  1. Such a great poncho….and they are so in style AGAIN….LOL
    Very interesting about your traveling journal….what fun. When, or will you get it back?

    Happy T-day

  2. What a lovely poncho and a lovely model to go with it! You are stunning. I’ve never heard of that pass the journal project, but it sounds like you are enjoying it, as well as getting to appreciate others’ art that has come before you got the journal.

    Wow, you have been relaxing. From yoga to reading to knitting, you are truly in a meditative mode. And the mint tea is perfect for that, too. Thanks for sharing your new magazine, your gorgeous art page, your tea, and your poncho with us for T this Tuesday. Now go meditate some more (grin).

  3. Your poncho is gorgeous! They certainly are becoming popular again. My 22 year old daughter has been asking me to make her one. We just have to pick a pattern she likes.

    Your traveling journal page is gorgeous! I’ve never taken part in that type of swap or any kind of group where you all work on one project, but it sounds like fun! Also looking forward to what you find to make in your new magazine.

  4. love how you incorporate the spiritual with the creative art Lorraine. Love that poncho which brings back memories of the ones my grandmother made for me as a kid (as well as other things).

  5. Oh wow! Your page is beautiful! Had to smile at the girl in the wellies (you?).
    I love the poncho. I bet it keeps you warm. But more importantly it has given you many a peaceful moment while you were making it.

  6. Hello and Happy T Day! I love autumn and it’s colors too, what a fun project that is. Beautiful page done by you and I love your poncho. Enjoy wearing it this cool season. Thanks for sharing and have a good week.

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