Mother earth disillusioned fairy dyeing


fairy sketch I am working on drinking green honey tea while outside the wind howls and the rain pours..Happy Tea Tuesday


A quick watercolour I did after hearing of the Paris tragedy..the words read “Mother Earth please forgive them for they know not what they do”.  I think in these troubled time we all need to light a candle of Hope


My latest obsession has been dyeing.  I wanted to dye a cream blanket I had to use in applique.  I followed the instructions in this excellent video and found that my procion dyes worked well.  The top orange blanket used tandoori powder though and I am so pleased at how it has turned check out that spice  cupboard..turmeric is supposed to be good too. It is so easier to do than have cold water buckets of dye all over the place especially with boisterous sons about! Until next time..keep warm.



12 thoughts on “Mother earth disillusioned fairy dyeing

  1. What a wonderful tribute and quote to the people of Paris. Very fitting.

    I have never used those procion dyes, because I don’t shop on the internet, the only place I know to get them. I adore your dyed fabric, though. It looks like you had fun with these. I don’t now, nor have I ever owned, turmeric, but I must get some one of these days and play around with it.

    Thanks for sharing your honey green tea, your beautiful Paris tribute, and that dazzling fabric with us for T this Tuesday.

  2. On such a dreary day as you are having, warm tea and making art indoors is the best! Lovely sketches and quote. Your dyed material looks super-great colors. Happy T day!

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