Busy time of year


made the first of the mince pies this week


love the symbolism of Christmas time with light over dark..innocence over foolish wisdom


fun watercolours


salt dough decorations


A very creative week doing lots of watercolours. We have put up all the decorations up outside so have made some mince pies and this year I had a go at making mulled wine or vin chaud

Happy tea Tuesday or in my case vin chaud



11 thoughts on “Busy time of year

  1. Lovely watercolours you have going on there and the mince pies look pretty fine too! I haven’t made salt dough for many years but it was always such fun to play with! Happy t day to you! Annette

  2. a wonderful way to be in the Christmas spirit. Love your watercolors and festive salt dough cookies. I can almost smell the mince pies and mulled cider…mmmmm…

  3. Your watercolor paintings are beautiful. Of course, I was quite attracted by the mincemeat pies you made. My grandmother (grands raised me) used to make them every Christmas. I remember the first time I saw beef suet, I was shocked it went in these pies I loved. Yes, she made her own mincemeat, as well as the flaky crusts.

    Your salt dough ornaments are beautiful. I especially liked the gingerbread people.

    You have been very, very busy this week, and I am super impressed with your mulled wine making skills. Thanks for sharing these beautiful watercolors, reminding me of my grandmother’s mince pies, your salt dough decorations, and mulled wine for T this Tuesday.

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