create your own sunshine


Starting the year with lots of colour..another quick watercolour.  Its been very rainy here and some parts of the UK have been flooded and people having to leave their homes so I am thankful that although rainy we havent been in that situation.

Happy Paint Party Friday


13 thoughts on “create your own sunshine

  1. Well said Lorraine. A lovely way to remind us that things are not always a bed of roses! The floods have not reached me personally but I do know people affected. It is an awful start to the year. Let’s all wish for sunshine.

  2. Sunshine seems a long way away but your watercolour pours lots of sunshine over us ! So sorry for those that have suffered in the recent terrible floods.

  3. That’s where I’m going wrong Lorraine, I should be creating my own sun instead of drawing in ink.
    We’re having masses of floods around us (thankfully we are dry due to our house on a hill) and didn’t see the sky never mind the sun for over a week. Your artwork is delightful. Flowers, birds and colour… just what I needed.
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Happy PPF to you

  4. I LOVE the title! Such wonderful advice! A perfect cheery picture for a gloomy day in New Jersey. I am new to the blogging world and happy to find new art friends. I am happy to say I am a new follower. Dea xo

  5. So sweet! I’ve been hearing about the bad weather in the UK, and it seems that it has now arrived here. Creating your own sunshine is the perfect thing to do on these dark and wet days.

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