Pea shoots and baby leaves


I love reading books especially old, used ones from the local library


Whenever I buy my salad ingredients this always makes me laugh so had to draw a funny cartoon


Loved making these from old books


I love going in the sauna at the gym but have yet to find a time when it hasnt got men in it  talking about football so I just wish I was at the beach


Loved Blondie with her hairstyle baggy jumpers and big boots.

Lots of drawings for the Creative Bug drawing challenges.

Dont forget to check out my Instagram page Lorraines Arty Stuff for my latest drawings.

Happy Paint Party Friday


12 thoughts on “Pea shoots and baby leaves

  1. Hi Lorraine! Your sketches are great – I especially like the Pea shoots and baby leaves! Thanks for the reminder about the Creative Bug drawing challenge. I need to check that out.

  2. Your artwork is lovely–I think I could pick out your style and know you for the artist. 😀 I also loved those pinwheels you made from books. How versatile you are! 😀

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