Time out with the sheep


For the past 2 weeks my sons have been off school on their spring break. Yesterday we managed to get to the farm so did a quick sketch of a sheep that we were waving bye to on the way out


One of the new lambs we saw so cute..swiss blacknose sheep


I love watching the birds in my back garden of a morning they love the coconut shells I put out for them.  A blue tit is on one of the many washing lines I have. Managed to do some gardening this week as we had  some sun instead of a lot of heavy rain but not planting the seeds out just yet



using up all the blue wool I  have think this is going to be another poncho as they keep me warm  when watching the bats of a night in my garden

Happy Paint Party Friday

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12 thoughts on “Time out with the sheep

  1. You sound so similar to me because I love to see all the wild birds coming to my four bird feeding areas in my garden. We have some amazing visitors now that they know there’s a regular supply of good fresh food every day (it’s costing a fortune but so worth it)
    Your sketches are delightful. I’ve been hearing the lambs in the nearby field this morning and am hoping that the farmer brings them into the field next to your house so we can watch their antics.
    Happy PPF and have a wonderful weekend.

  2. lovely sketches Lorraine. I too just love watching all the birds and am hoping to see the arrival of some hummingbirds soon. Happy PPF!

  3. Yes, Lorraine, clicking on your name in my comment section did put me back at your old blogspot blog. Glad I could follow your link to this one. Your sheep drawing is excellent. I wouldn’t begin to know how to do animals. Strange, isn’t it, that I would be so untalented in animals when I do flowers and faces and clouds fairly well. Anyway, I enjoyed seeing your works of art as well as the photos of the sheep. There is a sheep farm I have to pass every time I leave home. I always love seeing them. They are a sepia colored sheep and I have no idea what the breed is.

  4. Awesome post. What a cute drawing of a sheep. And I love the sketch about a birdhouse for your soul also! Your yard looks so inviting and the wool you are knitting will be so nice to be wrapped up in. Have a great PPF day! Hugs, Rasz

  5. Great sketches. Love the sheep. I too like watching the birds in my backyard. They come to drink and wash in the birdbath.

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