Vintage sun


whenever we have hot days we have to make the most of them immediately put on my audrey hepburn style dress for a change


bought some pansies the other day so planted those up in a teacup


I had a trip to the garden centre yesterday and saw lots of expensive water features so decided to just get this bird bath which was quite reasonable and have ordered a solar powered water fountain off ebay to go in it


Apparently copper stops algae in the water so I got some copper tape and wrapped it around a shell

Happy Tea Tuesday


9 thoughts on “Vintage sun

  1. isn’t it so nice to be enjoying the outdoors again? Love the birdbath and your teacup for the pansies is a great idea! I just may be borrowing it:) Happy T day!

  2. I love it when people share their outdoor spaces, and your bird bath is a treat. I didn’t realize there were solar-powered water features, but I’ll be looking into that. Thx! Happy T Tuesday

  3. I had planned to be here before my lunchtime, but ate and promptly fell asleep. Rain always does that to me. I’m delighted to read you are playing in the sun. Ours is in short supply at the moment, but rain is so needed, I will never complain. I LOVE the looks of you in your beautiful garden, and of course, that cup filled with pansies is stunning.

    I’d not heard that about bird baths, but my friend has a copper bird bath with a metal base. It was so unique I fell in love with it. Yours is incredible, and I like how you made it special.

    Thanks for joining us in your garden paradise with your new pansy cup, your new birdbath, and your drink for T this Tuesday. Have fun in the vintage sun.

  4. Lovely photos of the pansies and the bird bath!
    Our temperatures are starting to hi the 90………all to soon it will be in the triple digits… 😦 Guess it is time dig out the “summer” clothes!
    Thanks for stopping by and for the comment.
    Happy T-day

    • Copper around the shell is very clever. I know people who put pennies in theirs…when pennies were still copper.
      Happy T day…really late!

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