Bluebells and hope


back to using watercolours again..this time to the poem Hear me by  Philip Waldron who is a unitarian minister who writes beautiful meditative poetry, click on the blue name above to take you to the blog


trying not to dip my brushes into my cup of tea..found some new very fine brushes


I saw these beautiful bluebells this morning on the way to the bluebells and have a few in my garden. In these busy troubled times make sure you have time for yourself watching the birds, reading or painting or whatever you like drinking your favourite tea..its the simple things in life that are so important.

Happy Tea Tuesday



8 thoughts on “Bluebells and hope

  1. What a beautiful journal page and lovely face. I’d love to hear or read some of the meditative poetry. Especially if it inspired this beautiful page.

    I can relate to keeping your brushes out of the tea, because I nearly did it one Tuesday. Other days I use my covered mug.

    Thank you for sharing the bluebells, your encouraging words of hope, your lovely painting, and your tea with us for T this Tuesday.

  2. Good for you making it to the gym. I had good intentions this morning but forgot my punch card…I came home and tried to improvise here at home. Not to great of workout. 🙂

  3. I love bluebells too. We saw a lot of them at this time of year when we lived in the UK. Beautiful! I love your journal page and the gorgeous face.
    Happy T-day (although it is past midnight here, so officially no longer Tuesday)

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