I breathe


I breathe…I hold….I let it go
I feel the stars are watching….(I wait by Philip Waldron)
I love yoga and meditation in all its forms and would rather be outside in nature compared to city shopping hence my drives to the Lancashire countryside only half an hour away


Today I visited the garden centre with my Dad and bought this coffee bean plant..I loved the coffee mug it was in..as you can see I also bought some sunflower and canary creeper seeds.  We also went to my favourite Hayloft cafe and had delicious Lancashire ploughmans lunches in an old barn listening to all the peacocks and ducks outside.

Happy Tea Tuesday (or coffee bean plant!)


9 thoughts on “I breathe

  1. What a beautiful painting. Simply gorgeous.

    And I adore that coffee cup and hope the plant survives, because I’ve never seen one like it before. What an awesome idea and way to celebrate T. Thanks for sharing this plant and your beautiful drawing with us for T this Tuesday.

  2. I love how you have a coffee bean plant. That is really cool. I’m a bit late getting back to my blog, and I like your sketch too. 🙂 Erika

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