Sitting under the sun


Watercolour thinking about the homeless



Went to pick up 4 of these today and am going to use them to plant veg, canary creepers and sunflowers in..


Made a new parasol cover using up old tent took quite awhile to do but happy sitting under it today having a rest from gardening


a closeup of the edging and beads and leaves cut out of the tinkling in the wind

Happy Tea Tuesday


8 thoughts on “Sitting under the sun

  1. a touching watercolor piece Lorraine. And how clever and creative to make that umbrella-love it! happy T day and thanks for your visit earlier:)

  2. Your lovely painting is so heartfelt. The homeless always touch my heart and I try to give them a few dollars whenever I see one in my city.

    I am truly impressed with your umbrella. Like Yvonne, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. You did a marvelous job.

    Thank you for sharing your art, your new umbrella with the sparkly embellishments, your garden, and your tea with us for T this Tuesday.

  3. Love your sketch and those garden photos are nice. I love those boxes- hope you share your finished garden with us when it is done. happy T day-Erika

  4. Your painting is very touching ♥ I’m thinking a making a new umbrella cover for my deck table too. The old one ..well is very old and falling apart 😦
    Love the garden planter ♥ We finally have SUNSHINE today and slightly warmer temps. Keeping my fingers crossed for warmer days.

  5. wow, I would not even know where to start to make an umbrella…great work! and love the idea of tinkling ornaments in the wind…lovely. happy T day a bit late!

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