Yoga birds n tears


watercolour done for the poem Tears by Philip here to read the poem


Anyone else cant stand the high pitched bells in their yoga class..have found a solution industrial strength ear plugs!


We have joined the rspb as a family so yesterday I took one of my sons to visit our nearest one at Marshside..he loved the hide but all the gulls outside were making too much noise.  We later stopped off at a favourite cafe to feed the peacocks.

Happy Paint Party Friday








15 thoughts on “Yoga birds n tears

  1. I love your style…there is something rich and spiritual about it! I felt that exact way last week… Love the tears and the poem captured exactly how it feels!! Love how you ended on a happier note… beautiful post!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. I really so like your illustrations. They are so pretty. The first one is a real stunning one, Very dramatic in a quiet way. Hope you have a nice week and thank you for your visit to my blog. . genie

  3. Beautiful delicate illustrations Lorraine, and what a brilliant thing to do… joining the RSPB. I have three feeding stations around my house and have quite a bill for seed at the end of every month. But they are so worth it.

  4. Wonderful drawings, Lorraine. It seems you are noise adverse! I am wondering if you are normally in a quiet family and area? I got married in my twenties to an Italian and quickly learned only the loudest person gets to speak, so I adapted! I still like some constant of noise, usually the TV on from dawn to dusk! Wishing you peaceful days ahead.

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