I’ve started so I’ll finish

So many projects on the go and getting around to finishing them before the long school holidays start. First of all I wanted to use the cotton I had recently dyed using indigo


I added some patchwork  to this bag to go with my tunic


I found some old Prima magazine patterns so decided to have a go at making a tunic..I am really pleased at the end result. The darts and sleeves were tricky but I am glad I stuck with it.


wp-image-712852683jpeg.jpegI finished this book cushion filled with lavender…I love reading of a night and the lavender is a good sleep aid too…the words read “Happiness is a cup of tea and a good book”


A painting I did after the tragic events of Nice..its called cloak of kindness and is inspired by a poem by Philip Waldron here


and lastly please dont forget to buy yourself flowers..arent these lovely.

Happy Tea Tuesday


11 thoughts on “I’ve started so I’ll finish

  1. Love seeing your indigo tunic and bag. I just dyed some indigo fabric myself and am not quite sure what to do with it right now. That tunic came out great and that might not be a bad thing to use my cotton on. Hmm. Happy T day.

  2. Your bag and tunic are fabulous, well done you and Widnes Market. I miss markets like that! Beautiful painting too, very appropirate for the sad occasion. Happy T Day. Hugs, Valerie

  3. I am especially loving your tunic Lorraine(you look great in it) and both your bag and book cover turned out beautifully too. I love the smell of lavender. Your painting is very touching- a lovely tribute. Have a super day and happy T day too!

  4. Well done you on making that pretty tunic which is extra lovely with your indigo dyes.
    Lavender is a favorite flower and scent of mine always.
    Precious and soothing tribute to the horrible tragedy in Nice.
    The news lately is so horrific.
    Sending Peace L♥ve and Light to all
    Happy T Day oxo

  5. Your painting of the ‘cloak of kindness’ is very moving. There are so many horrible things nowadays happening in the world.
    Your tunic and bag are fab! You look great in that tunic. Well done you!
    The book cushion is a good idea. I hadn’t seen those. I love lavender. It has a relaxing effect.
    Yes, the flowers are beautiful, and will brighten up the room. I also like that little ceramic dish by the way.
    Happy T-Day,

  6. I love to dye fabric, but have never made anything as complex as that tunic. It is simply incredible, as is the matching bag. It’s a wonderful combination.

    I really enjoyed your lovely painting honoring Nice. What a thoughtful gesture

    But that book cushion filled with lavender. Your lovely teapot and sentiment are wonderful additions to T this Tuesday. I was delighted you joined the party, too.

  7. What a beautiful tunic you have made, the indigo dyes work wonderfully! The tunic is a fabulous idea for Summer as it is cool and comfortable to wear and the matching bag is the perfect accessory, brilliant! The book cushion is very cool, I have never seen one before and I love the images and sentiment and the lavender is a great choice as it’s so relaxing. Wishing you a Happy T Day! J 🙂

  8. I’m late to the party but enjoyed your post. Your tunic turned out so well, looks very easy to wear too. The embroidered lavender bag is as sweet as can be.

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