Painting n baking

One of the great joys of life for me is riding my bike through the park on the way to the gym..really love the colours of autumn at the moment but my thoughts are with all those affected by the recent weather in the US.  Another great joy is watching the bake off on tv with  my youngest…we made this delicious lemon meringue.  He wanted me to pull a funny face while he took a photo of me in my new apron that I had made..going to try and make a vintage 40s dress next with the purple material. Afternoons in the sun are a lovely time to this week we have a meditative old man which originally started off as a baby and an older couple having a read the full poem click here.

Happy Paint Party Friday




11 thoughts on “Painting n baking

  1. It is a joy to stop by and visit you Lorraine.
    Your funny face is a good one to show off that nice apron and how cool to use an older pattern with that pretty material.
    Lovely artwork and your lemon treat has me drooling here.
    The Great British Baking Show (exact name?) is a fav of mine.
    I bet we are seasons behind what you’re seeing in the UK.
    Thank you for your nice comment and concern about the storms.
    Watching the news footage it looks dreadful.
    Lucky for us here in the Washington DC metropolitan area we are inland enough to be out of danger.
    Yesterday was rainy which we need and today it’s sunny but blustery as in WINDY!
    Happy October dear Lorraine oxo

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