Of serenity and understanding…

I wanted to paint all about the beauty of autumn and nature this week.  I noticed on Piaroms mix it monthly challenge that it was star signs..well its my birthday week and so have included the libran scales.  I have been treating myself to lunches this week at my favourite cafes after bike rides through the beautiful  woods and today I watched 5 buzzards overhead circling with their distinctive cry..something you wouldnt notice if in a car.  To see the larger “.. ready to embrace” painting and read some meditative poems click here and to see the larger” ..of serenity and understanding”  painting click here.

Happy Paint Party Friday

10 thoughts on “Of serenity and understanding…

  1. Both paintings are so lovely! And I like the idea of lunch at your favorite places after bike rides through the woods. That just sounds like so a lovely day! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Wow Lorraine! Your post is really taking me, haha! First your fantastic painting, so earthy and light the same way!! Your wonderful bikeride and yes the “big birds” are some of my soulanimals for sure!! Love the happy food as much as your gaia medidative painting! Waving back to you with a big smile ♥ Conny http://mix-it-monthly.blogspot.de

  3. I would love to stop where you stop … the food choices are so delicious and tempting. The fall colors and the gentle birds filling with the seeds of life and warmth … lovely painting, very honest and thoughtful.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

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