From last weeks trip to Ikea I bought a little bird house clock and really liked the packaging for it so decided to make gingerbread house.  I remember making a gingerbread edible house one year and it was a disaster and I burnt my fingers too so this was a safer bet. Yesterday I made a little reindeer and basket for goodies. Today I made a sweatshirt pixie type dress with some grey material that was only £3 ..its lovely and comfy.  This afternoon I enjoyed just sitting quietly watching my candle eating a pastry and enjoying a cup of tea while wearing my new comfy dress..feeling lovely and warm and thankful.

Happy Tea Tuesday




7 thoughts on “Warm

  1. Wow, looks like you’ve been enjoying yourself this week! Your dress is amazing, I love the material and design, it looks so warm and cosy :-). Your reindeer and gingerbread house are adorable and what a lovely way to spend an afternoon; sitting quietly whilst watching your candle, eating a pastry and enjoying a cup of tea – perfect! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J 🙂

  2. We’re getting an Ikea here this month, and I am sooo looking forward to going. I’m wanting to try out the Poang chair and eat something. We are excited beyond what might be expected for a store opening lol. Happy T Tuesday!

  3. Wow you have been making some wonderful things this week. Your dress looks so comfortable and warm, sounds like you had a lovely afternoon.
    Happy T day

  4. Gosh, Lorraine, I was here earlier, and thought I had left a comment. When I came back, I realized your blog was up on my screen, but I had failed to leave a comment. I love that dress you made. It looks warm and the fabric was a bargain, too.

    Had to laugh at your gingerbread house. I made one one year, too. I had trouble getting mine to stick together. I think you had a much better idea. I like it.

    I’m a candle person, so I would love to sit with you among your candles and sip tea and eat pastries. It sounds like something I would be grateful for, too. Thanks for sharing these memories with us for T this Tuesday,

  5. Love the pixie dress and it does look so comfy and cozy.
    I actually spent the biggest part of the day on the sofa too. It was nice to take a day and just be a vegetable
    Happy T-day

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