Take time to sit still

Its such a busy time of year with chaotic shopping for the perfect gift..but why not give a gift to yourself and sit still for a moment. I am currently reading this book and it talks about coffee, candles, blankets, comfy clothes..its a very lighthearted book and I think you cant cure all the worlds ills by these things and I know Denmark has problems like all other countries but it is nice to appreciate the joys of life and slowing down a little. The painting collaborates with a poem The Vanguard of an Age..to read it click here.

My son helped me make this Christmas garland for our front door using a tangerine crate lid, glue gun, twigs and pine cones.  We have added some lights to it and they look lovely hanging on the front door.

happy paint party friday


8 thoughts on “Take time to sit still

  1. It’s nice to sit still and contemplate life, it makes you appreciate what you have :-). It looks like you’ve been very productive with your time too, your drawing is lovely and the Christmas decorations you made are lovely – I love the rustic look and feel, very beautiful! Wishing you a Happy Friday and Weekend! J 🙂

  2. HYGGE is a popular word also here in Finland. This is just the right time to enjoy all the lovely things of it.
    The door hanging is beautiful.
    Happy PPF and weekend ❤❤

  3. lovely painting and that hand made wreath looks like a perfect example of Hygge. I’m going to see if I can get it at our library-sounds like a wonderful read. Happy PPF!

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