the stillness awakens my deep senses

A painting all about stillness to read the poem it collaborates with click here. Its also for the mix it monthly challenge which is all about pirates..well she has hidden her pirate hat at the back of the raft I think

This week I have been sitting quiet and crocheting various things as have had the flu


playing around with wax, paints, teabags for the postcard swap for uk stampers who now have a fb group.

happy paint party friday

mix it monthly

uk stampers fb group


9 thoughts on “the stillness awakens my deep senses

  1. OMG she is traveling on a raft! She must be strong and self-confident to go out in the sea like this…she must be a priate for sure…well knowing her ship is outthere 😉 You are busy croching and oh hope you are feeling way better now?!

  2. Beautiful girl on a raft – lovely stillness, something to enjoy!
    I really liked all the elements of your postcard too… even tea bags – well made :D)
    Hope you feel better soon, at least you’ve been productive. Cheers now.

  3. Wonderful art pieces and crochet! I love your painting, there is a stillness about her looking out over the sea and the colours you have used are lovely! I’m sure she has her pirate hat somewhere … tee hee :-). Your postcard swap is beautiful, the layers and little bird are perfect. Hope you are feeling better soon and wishing you a great week! J 🙂

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