Safe from the storm

We were hit by storm Doris yesterday so I am glad that I had a warm house to watch the wind and rain outside..I finished this small crochet blanket whilst we had a dvd day watching Waynes world as my sons are on half term this week.  I made this little candle earlier in the week from an Aldi kit but I didnt want to use the votives supplied but found this cup in the garden which is just perfect.  Early this morning I did this painting called lets us remake the world..starting with ourselves. To see the short poem it collaborates with click here.

Happy Paint Party Friday


11 thoughts on “Safe from the storm

  1. so glad you were able to stay indoors during that awful weather-yikes! Love your throw and teacup candle. How nice to spend fun time with the boys. Beautiful illustration and poem. Happy PPF!

  2. Storm Doris bought us very bad rain and winds yesterday (over here on the NW UK coast) so I stayed at home all day too, lots of time in the craft room – perfect :-). We had lovely sunshine today so I ran errands most of the morning and had a relaxing afternoon pottering and tidying :-). Your crochet blanket is so pretty, I love the design and didn’t know you could crochet such wonderful textures! Peace is so needed in the world today and your painting has captured this beautifully – wishing you peace and love! J 🙂

  3. Much better to be inside during bad weather – hope it’s all gone now and you can see some clear sky. I love all the things you chose to do, that’s a pretty cup for the candle, and your painting is beautiful. Cheers :D)

  4. What a delightful drawing. I have found storms to be a great time to curl up with my sketchbook. I’m glad you are alright–safe and secure from the storm.

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