I wanted to paint some bright colours for a change so painted this for the poem florentine tango..click here to read

Lots of little projects this week so made some little inchies and a wings postcard for the UK  Stampers forum.  On Monday I had a go at making some lovely little bags with some cavallini stamps..think I might put soaps or something in these bags and I made a few cards too.  This week recycling project is a little tin using some nice cardstock and ribbons I managed to get from the pound shop and a little printable from victoria thatcher.

Have a good week and Happy paint party Friday







Lots of



14 thoughts on “Tango

  1. What a beautiful painting and poem, the colours are so rich and vibrant – I love it! You have made such lovely project pieces too, the inchies are amazing and the sentiment on your recycled tin is great 🙂 . Thanks for making me smile today and wishing you happiness this weekend! J 🙂

  2. Love the color in your painting. I feel the same way. Looking at my past half dozen paintings, they are all really dark. Want to do some color.

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