Happy red nose day

Its red nose charity day in the UK today so I did a painting inspired by my son who wanted red in his hair to go to school.  The other painting collaborates with a poem.click here to read it.  On Monday I made a cute little peg doll at craft group and this weeks recycling project is a little mini book made from plastic phone packaging.

Happy paint party friday


9 thoughts on “Happy red nose day

  1. not familiar with “red nose day” but I think i t would be fun to celebrate with red hair:) Nice projects Lorraine. Happy PPF!

  2. How fun you have red nose day too there! We have that here in Belgium since a few years, and it’s to help kids with psychological problems. I love that you do recycling projects. That looks like a cute little book!

  3. I love seeing your recycled plastic projects each week, they are amazing and so inspiring 🙂 . Great paintings and your peg doll is so cute! Hope the sun is shining where you are and wishing you a happy weekend! J 🙂

  4. Hi Lorraine, you’ve created such lovely art. Our red nose day in Australia is the last Friday in June, such a worthy cause and well done to your Son and his red hair … your painting is delightful! Your peg doll is very grand, I love her hat. Cheers now :D)

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