Paint n ink

​ a little card for UK Stampers May swap using paint and a little this as it reminds me of myself on a swing when I was a child

playing around with alcohol inks and a sketch of a face too

love these poppy stamps over a painted background

covered an old windmill with some thin embossed metal and indian inks just love watching it in the garden drinking my


my son and I tried Yo Sushi today so here is my lovely green tea and all the little bowls going around on the conveyor was quite expensive but glad I tried it.

Happy Tea Tuesday


11 thoughts on “Paint n ink

  1. Your art was incredible, Lorraine. The girl on the swing was unbelievable, and that face is out of this world. I love the metal windmill you made and set up in your garden. It’s a beauty.

    Although I can take or leave sushi, I went to Yo Sushi and saw their menu. I admit that their ramen noodles look a lot better than the ones I make! I think it would be fun just to go and experience watching the food on a conveyor belt.

    Thanks for sharing your art and your Yo Sushi experience, as well as your green tea for T this Tuesday.

  2. I love all your art, Lorraine. My you’ve been inspired lately. The girl swinging from a dandelion is very unique and charming. How did you ever think of that image? It brings back childhood memories for me too. Not just swinging but summer in general … blowing dandelion seeds, being outdoors all day Saturday without a care in the world.

    The embossed and colored windmill is pretty special too.

    I’ve never seen a restaurant like that with the food on a conveyor belt. It seems very odd like something out of the Jetson’s old cartoon series – lol.

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

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