Big head collages

playing around with painting large cartoon like figures with paint and stamp backgrounds for the mix it monthly mixed media challenge ..the theme is song lyrics

I made this napkin ring in craft group using ribbons, buttons and oven how it turned out so had lunch outside under the umbrella in the rain. After craft group I spotted this old tin full of buttons in a charity shop for £2..I love old tins especially full of buttons.

the tea is vanilla chai latte my favourite this week

 Tea Tuesday

..just woke up to terrible news that there has been a terrorist attack at the Manchester arena not far from me with many young lives lost..please can you all say a little prayer for all those lost in this tragedy..such times as these brings the community together rather than divides..the good in peoples hearts will always prevail


13 thoughts on “Big head collages

  1. Great art work, your cartoon like paintings are wonderful and I love the song lyrics you chose too 🙂 . Your lunch in the rain was the perfect way to celebrate the beautiful napkin ring you created from those pretty ribbons and button embellishments. The vanilla chai latte looks lovely served in that elegant china – Happy T Tuesday! J 🙂

    • I was so shocked and filled with sadness when I heard this news this morning. My heart goes out to the victims and their families! As you say rather than divide the nation, at times like these people come together to support each other – love prevails! J x

  2. First, I saw the aftermath of the attack on American TV last night. I was shocked and hurt by the terrorists and their boldness. At the time, they said over 50 were injured and 13 killed. I’m sure the numbers will go up as they find more people who were hurt at the event. Yes, while you slept, we were watching the action unfold on American TV.

    Your big head collages are fantastic. I especially like the “Default Man.” I especially love that house.

    You got a HUGE bargain in that tin of buttons. Even the tin is worth altering. But that napkin ring you created is out of this world. It fits in beautifully with your delicate china cup and tea pot. They are beautiful. I’ve never had vanilla chai latte, but it certainly sounds decadent.

    Thanks for sharing your collages, your beautiful handmade napkin ring, your wonderful button find, and your vanilla chai latte tea with us for T this Tuesday. And I assure you, Manchester is in our thoughts and prayers today.

  3. How awful about the terrorist attack in Manchester! Disgusting that children and young people were targeted. Sick!
    Your journal pages are awesome! I love the one with Nowhere Man. I’m singing the song in my head.
    That Werthers tin is beautiful. I would have bought it even without the buttons. Branded tins are very collectable.
    The napkin holder is beautiful. (As is your cheesy lunch. Yum).
    Happy T-Day,

  4. Your journal pages are brilliant Lorraine! What a lovely napkin ring along with the whole table setting. How nice to make yourself a special setting despite rain.
    Heard about this horrible tragedy last evening and have been sending out silent prayers since. Will there ever be an end to these senseless attacks on innocents?
    I also like your tea of choice. Enjoy and happy T day!

  5. I woke up to the same news and it is horrible! What a day and age we live in. It is sad. But your tea party looks really classy and fun. The napkin ring is great, and those big heads-they are fantastic. I really like them. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  6. The news from Manchester is terrible, I can’t understand how people can sink so low. Your collages are lovely, great idea with those big heads. Wonderful serviette ring, too. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  7. Your journal pages are both fabulous! Haven’t eaten outside yet unless picnics and French cafes count! We are still reeling at the news – too close – our city will stand together! Chrisx

  8. The big heads are quite comical, Lorraine. Oops, I hope that was your intention 😉

    I love the “making all his nowhere plans for nobody.” I probably date myself there, but I still find many of the Beatles song lyrics to be very relevant and incisive.

    You’re in a craft group? I’m envious. The monthly card party that I used to attend disbanded. So I appreciate the T-parties even more these days. That’s such a pretty “tablescape” photo of your actual tea party. I love your napkin rings you made!

    I’m praying for the people and especially the dead, injured, and bereaved in the fair city of Manchester. It can be a horrid world at times. Friends – virtual and real – are a godsend st such times.

    Hugs, Eileen

  9. Lorraine , Manchester is definitely in our thoughts…. they just get bolder and bolder don’t they? I think anywhere a crowd gathers we have to second think our choices… Love a tin full of buttons… couldn’t have turned that down either.. So sorry i’m a little late to the party… Happy T party hugs! deb

  10. Love your art today and your little napkin holder is fantastic. I love finding old buttons too. I am deeply saddened by the attack in your country. It has become a scary world we live in for sure but we must continue to believe that good will prevail ♥

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